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Havana's Secret
1897 The world had changed. Theodore Roosevelt, was flexing
his military muscle, and desperately wanted Spain out of Cuba.
His boss, President McKinley, wanted to keep peace. Sam Carter,
new to the fledgling Secret Service, thought he understood the rules.
But when he was assigned to Havana as a foreign agent, Consulate
General Fitzhugh Lee revealed the darker side of diplomacy
~ Charleston - 1864 ~
The federal blockade was strangling Charleston into submission.
On the dock on the Cooper River rested General Beauregard's
only hope - a submarine -- an infernal machine that had already
taken thirteen lives. He needed eight more brave men to take
the vessel into battle one more time.

Guntis     Goncarovs
Chemist by education, historian by interest, storyteller  by
passion. Come delve into stories of our past . . .
Convergence of Valor
The Men of the
H.L. Hunley
Telmenu Saimnieks
The Lord of Telmeni
1912  Voldemars Vechi was one of the youngest Latvians to
attain officer status in the Czarist Cavalry. But the Great World War
sparked to life and Voldemars finds himself searching for his destiny
between his legal loyalty to the Czar, his own country's rise for independence, his father's desires for his future, and the welfare
of his wife and new-born daughter.

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Welcome! Come delve into the stories of our past. I hope you will spend some time
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Explore the books - Historical Fiction, Family Saga and a new paranormal romance by Connie Mikelson
By Connie Mikelson - Sarah's Home - A paranormal romance -
After her twin sister passes, Sharon Tanchak faces the heartbreaking
responsibility of selling Sarah's sanctuary in rural New Hampshire
and moving on with her life. Zach Fields, escaping from his fractured
past in Chicago, buys the house and sparks suppressed emotions
Sharon thought long lost. When Sarah's paranormal intervention kindles.
a resonance between Sharon and Zach, they rediscover
feelings that would heal their wounded souls.
Sarah's Home
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Havana's Secret - Behind the scenes of Spanish-American War -
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By Connie Mikelson - Sarah's Home - A paranormal romance -
Telmenu Saimnieks - A Family Saga in the Great War -
Convergence of Valor - The Men of the Civil War Submarine -
Secrecy and Gamesmanship - The evolution of the US Secret Service -
1901 It was the beginning of a grand new century. William McKinley
was re-elected president. Roosevelt was now the vice-president and
wanted a secret spy agency for the executive branch. The American
economy was booming, engineering innovations eclipsed previously
believed limits, and submarines captured the Navy's attention. But a
failed assassination attempt on Kaiser Wilhelm captures their attention
while a deranged rogue anarchist is lurking to make a name for himself.
What could possibly go wrong.
Secrecy and